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Pediatric Chiropractic in Marion

The birthing process, by nature, is considered traumatic. Many babies are born with birth and cranial traumas, causing a misalignment at the atlas, the first bone in the neck. These issues don’t go away on their own, and may show up in different ways later in life.

Birth, walking, sitting, standing, playing, and exploring can all be stressful to the spine. Children often don’t show any negative effects; chiropractic helps ensure proper neurological development, and brain to body connection is functioning at 100%. The sooner a pediatric chiropractor checks your newborn, the better.

Health Care for Life

We care for your children from birth through life. Chiropractic is natural, safe and gentle health care for all ages. During any stage of the growth process, children may develop problems. Regular visits allow their bodies to do what they’re meant to—grow, thrive, and meet their milestones.

Pediatric chiropractic is very gentle. Dr. Mariah uses low-force techniques, and the Activator® as well. Her philosophy is that babies aren’t little adults, they have very specific needs for their bodies compared to an adult. Her techniques are tailored to infants and babies, whatever stage they’re in.

The training she received through ICPA, and her work with The Pediatric Experience really helped hone those skills. Dr. Mariah helps kids feel like they’re visiting a friend with toys to play with and without any medical equipment on display. She prioritizes keeping children at ease, especially those experiencing difficulties with sensory processing.

The bottom line is, babies and children who get checked early experience better health as they grow, and can adapt and function at an optimal level.

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Children are never too young to benefit from chiropractic care. We’d love to help your child enjoy better health and wellness. Contact us to get started!

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