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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Marion

Pregnant woman with daughterWhy should a pregnant woman see a chiropractor? The bigger risk is not being checked. The strain on Mom’s joints and muscles, balance issues, and pressure from an enlarged abdomen are substantial.

Keeping Moms Healthy

During pregnancy, Mom’s body changes quickly to accommodate her baby’s growth. There’s more stress on her body, and chiropractic helps alleviate that stress and prevent things like low back and pubic symphysis pain, and sleep issues.

Safe and effective care allows her body to better cope with pregnancy challenges by gently correcting shifts in the spine and pelvis. It’s also been shown to decrease labor times and reduce the need for interventions during labor.

By keeping Mom’s body balanced and removing tension and stress on her body, it allows the baby to have more space in utero to move around and get into an optimal birthing position. If Mom feels extra stress or tension, the baby will feel it too. By taking care of Mom, we’re also helping her baby.

Heart hands around pregnant belly

You Deserve Special Treatment

At Genesis Chiropractic & Wellness, we make a special effort to ensure that all our moms are as comfortable as possible during adjustment. We never twist your spine or belly—the baby is never touched at any time during your session.

We use tables with specific features to keep pressure off the belly, and also special pillows to keep her comfortable. All our adjustments are very light force, and we keep things as neutral and comfortable as possible.

Dr. Mariah is certified in the Webster Technique, which is designed specifically to help analyze and provide the appropriate adjustment to pregnant women. She recommends weekly visits due to how quickly things change. This allows Mom to get the most benefit for herself and her baby.

Chiropractic adjustment relieves discomfort (back, pelvic, hip/sciatica, round ligament pulling, rib discomfort and more) as her body changes during pregnancy and prepares for labor and delivery. Making sure Mom is comfortable and pain-free is good for her and the baby.

Learn More Today

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to speak with you. Please contact us today; we’ll help you experience the best possible pregnancy.


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